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Robby Dawkins

Born to missionary parents in Japan, Robby had an early start in ministry. In his father’s church he began a children’s ministry at the age of 12, and became the youth minister at 16 years old. Robby says, “I knew from a young age that God had called me into ministry. My parents say that from the age of 2, I told people that I would grow up and be a missionary.” In many ways that has been the case in Robby’s life.

Robby and his wife, Angie, married in 1992, then went on to pastor the Vineyard Church of Aurora, IL from 1996-2013. They feel God called them to plant in a poor urban community, and continually use “power evangelism” to gather for the church. They estimate that over 50% of current attenders have come to Christ at the Vineyard Aurora, and that almost ¾ of those have come through “power” encounters.

Robby has been featured in Charisma Magazine, Revival Magazine, and Inside Worship. Robby can also be seen in the movies “Furious Love” , and “Father of Lights.” In 2013, Robby wrote his first book, Do What Jesus Did. Robbydawkins.com

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2PM Shon Hart

7PM Robby Dawkins


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